Kids Welcome!

As an introduction to our Kids Church happening every Sunday at 10:30 am, we are having an Easter Egg Hunt! Candy and prize filled eggs hidden indoors for the youngsters to search for and find. 

Come expecting the fun of discovery, and know that our kids teacher (Shelby Allen) will be culminating a 3 week teaching series to the kids with the lesson "Finding Jesus."

Kids Church will start at 10:30 am, downstairs in the Kids Room. They will get snacks, sing along, and great teaching. 



Easter Schedule:

10:30 Easter Classes: Kids and Adults

11:00 Break

11:15 Praise and Worship, then Bible Preaching

After, Easter Egg Hunt and Family Time



Simple, Bible Preaching

If you're a believer looking for a place to grow, or completely new to the idea of church, you will benefit from this preaching! We are an intimate church small enough to know every member, and to answer any questions you have. Our Bible preaching often leads to free personal Bible studies, where finer points of history and doctrine can be taught one-on-one. 

The Sanctuary is a Pentecostal church, and that means that we believe everything the Apostles did can still happen today! If you desire to see the freedom, the power, and the excitement of the Bible church played out in Eagle River, or your family, come to our next service.


Can we save you a seat?

...or meet you in the parking lot? Maybe give you a hand up the stairs?

If you have any special needs or concerns, we want to meet them! Please just use this handy contact form and outline what your questions or concerns are - we're a friendly church. We will totally reserve your whole family seats.

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The Sanctuary of Eagle River is a growing, Bible-first church!  We're seeing more and more guests, and kids, and we couldn't be happier. If you want to be a part of a church that isn't stagnant, or tied up in their traditions, but is full of life and Jesus then come. 

Jesus is Alive - the Church should be Alive & Exciting

We are committed to growing as a church, by growing as individuals and families. Through teaching and preaching the Bible, and practicing Prayer and Love, we're doing that now. 

The presence of God is here! In our praise and worship with skilled music teacher Kimber Grenier we always are impressed by the feeling of God being near. Hands are lifted in surrender to His grace, and we encourage you to sing along. 

We are experiencing the power of prayer! God says He wants to be your provider, and calls Himself our healer. We are seeing people repair their relationships, get better jobs, and be healed from sickness in this church. This isn't church for the sake of feeling better or looking good - this is a church reaching for the kingdom of heaven to be brought to the Earth. 


14121 Old Glenn Hwy
Eagle River, Alaska

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(907) 262-1111


See you (and your guests) April 16th!

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