Living Abundantly


Jesus offers "life more abundantly" and these Next Steps are ways for us to walk in that lifestyle.
Choose a Next Step below, and please fill out the No-Pressure Next Steps Notice so that we can support you.
To learn what we mean by "Living Abundantly" please read the pastor's note below. 

reflect on your progress, and make us better

It is important to give yourself credit for the progress and growth you are making, and to notice if you’re not growing as you would like. We have also added some questions about how we might better serve you through teaching and activities. Open the survey here.

Please plan to fill this out often, as we always want to be growing.

RECEIVE a personal Bible Study

Have questions? Want to grow in knowledge and relationship with God? Wish you knew more about the Bible? We teach personal Bible studies in coffee shops and homes all over - just ask.

Popular are: Starting Point (30 min @ Coffee) The WHOLE Bible study (12 weeks), A Place Prepared for You (Heaven, 30 min study). Any other questions you have we will answer with the Bible, just ask. Interested? Let us know

Invite someone to church

"Go into all the world," "Compel them," "Seek and save." All these phrases underline the same core truth: Christians share their relationship with Jesus.
Inviting someone can be a text message or a coffee date. We can invite online, in person, and even anonymously with cards and flyers. 

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Bible Study Podcast - Free

Be trained on the Whole Bible from front to back with the excellent and life changing “Exploring God’s Word” Bible Study. Taught by the co-author J. Marrell Cornwell you will learn the over-arching themes and principles of scripture in ways so few understand.

Podcast found online here, and can be listened to through a podcast app by searching “The Exploring God’s Word Podcast.”

Be BAPTIZEd in jesus name

When the Apostles were asked how to be saved, they replied “Be baptized in Jesus name” and that’s what we do here. Baptism is not only an expression of faith, but the Bible says it helps save us. We are also very keen to teach Bible studies on the importance and Biblical method of baptism.

Want to be baptized in Jesus name? Let us know

First Fruits 7 day Challenge

Morning prayer and Bible study may seem old fashioned, but we are finding that making God first in your day has huge rewards! Take this challenge if you are wanting to grow in God, get direction, or just live a better life. Free pamphlet found here
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90 day tithe challenge

God promises that if we give, He and others will give back to us in an increase. Often the return is better than money can buy.
Many have taken this challenge: tithe for 90 days and that the end if you regret it, we will refund your giving. 
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What do you want to help with? Maybe you don’t know, but you’re excited about what is happening and want to do what you can. Select “Get Involved” on this form and we will connect you to a place to help impact Eagle River with the grace, love, and gospel of Jesus Christ.

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What do we mean by "Living Abundantly?"


God is limitless, and serving Him as He calls us to should make a difference in our lives.

We are called by God out of sin and fear and weakness into His marvelous light. Jesus healed people who had spent their everything searching for healing, brought people back to life, and He told His disciples to not worry about their future because He would care for them. Jesus changes the way we live and He called it “more abundantly".

Living abundantly is better than being just wealthy. Consider happy Christian families who are secure in their relationships and helping others, and then contrast how the richest most famous people in our world are killing themselves, are addicted, and can't keep their spouses or their children.

There's more to life than the goals of money and fame. There's Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and being a part of the kind of Church that God established through the Apostles. There is the purpose and the abundance of God. 

These “Next Steps” are simple and early ways that we have seen people make a Christian change. Our world is full of the fear-of-missing-out and scarcity thinking. Jesus offers an abundance in the Fruit of the Spirit, in Friendship, in the Hope of Heaven, in Purpose with Direction, and His Holy Spirit. It's not easy to make that switch from scarcity and our culture to Jesus with His abundance, and these activities help. 

So please choose your Next Step and let us know so that we can pray for your progress, and be ready to help.

In Jesus name,

- Pastor Seagraves