With You in Mind

We want to do more than just share our church with you - we want to help you become a member and a part of what makes The Sanctuary special. Starting Points is how.

We have a simple class with hand-outs and snacks most Sunday mornings to do just that. "How do learn more?" "How can I become a member here?" "How do I get involved?" Starting Points is the answer to all of those.

We begin with a lunch hosted and paid for by Pastor, the first Sunday of every month.

Register below to be updated at our next class, or just show up on the first Sunday of any month for the Pastor's Lunch.


Starting Points

Everyone belongs in God's house, but it doesn't always seem easy. We've worked to create a sure path for anyone to become a part of what God is doing here; it's called Starting Points. It begins with lunch. 


Pastor's lunch (lunch after church)

The first Sunday of each month Pastor Seagraves (or another minister) will take those who are interested in the Sanctuary Starting Points Class out to lunch. Questions will be answered, vision will be shared, and friendships will be started. 

You, in the Sanctuary (class 2)

"Why would I need a church?" This question is the core of the second class. We explore what the Bible says a church is, what its purpose is, and how to have a good church. You will learn what to expect from a church, and how to be a part of this church. 

You, in the Bible (class 1)

"What does the Bible have to do with me, and today?" That's a great question, and what we answer in the first class. We learn together what makes the Bible special, how to use a Bible, and why the Bible is the foundation of everything The Sanctuary does.

You, involved (class 3)

Church is better when you have something to do. A part to play in helping others is a key part of being a Christian. In this class we learn about personalities, explore our experiences / skills / interests and then apply them to possible involvement opportunities.


After completing the 3 classes you will be recognized and presented a Certificate of Completion, and also asked to help in some area of the Sanctuary. With this request for help you will be enrolled in our Member's Area and have a profile in our Directory. 


Join us at Starting Points

You are invited, and we plan to celebrate with you as you complete the Sanctuary Starting Points classes! Just let us know you are coming? 

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Our Times

Starting Points classes start at 11am on Sundays, downstairs

Our Church

14121 Old Glenn Highway
Eagle River, AK, 99577


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